Full Moon in Pisces: Psychic Waters

The Full Moon in Pisces is on September 20th, 2021, and this is a very powerful transit because it will allow us to reconnect with ourselves spiritually, dive deep into our subconscious and focus on letting go. This is a time of closing chapters, making peace, and looking forward to those new beginnings. We face whatever has been holding us back and learn to handle it in a way that can bring us hope. As we all dive into the Piscean waters during this time, we will be able to learn a lot about ourselves and what we’ve kept hidden in our psyche. See how this transit is going to impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.

Aries – This Full Moon may be a little painful as it brings to light some topics you may have been avoiding pertaining to your own emotional wellbeing. Now is your time to confront those demons from the past. Use the energy to heal and to take steps for better changes to come. You are learning so much now and you have the tools to succeed.

Taurus – As Uranus pushes for your evolution for the next several years, this Full Moon serves as a reminder that you continue to have people supporting you during this process. Try to maintain your confidence and dignity as you begin to see who has your back and who does not.

Gemini – Here you are going to appreciate the lessons that this Pisces Moon will bring you. If you wanted changes in your career, you could feel a little closer to your vision or goals. If you can’t relate to it, consider this your time to leave old habits and make new plans that are going to allow you to grow and become a success. Dream bigger and greater with this Full Moon.

Cancer – Imaginative as ever, this transit is going to take things up to another level for water signs. You can easily handle what is presented here, as you begin to see the shifts and turns you are going to have to make regarding your ideology and the connections around you. Letting go, finding yourself, and establishing a new path to get new things flowing will be priorities for you during this time.

Leo – It could feel uncomfortable, going through the Piscean waters during this transit but this is just going to help you evolve. Saturn is letting you know what you seek in your partnerships and this Full Moon elaborates on the same themes. If you have lost control, now is your time to regain it and achieve a much-needed balance.

Virgo – You are seeing how much relationships are being transformed for you throughout this year. Jupiter in Pisces brought to light the qualities you need in a partner and now this Full Moon is going to make you more confident in pursuing what you want. You will have the courage to let your partner know as well. This is a good transit for reconciliation and for bringing harmony in your personal and romantic relationships.

Libra – During this transit, your priorities will be focused on self-care and making major changes to your day-to-day activities. This is a time of learning, growing, and you are very receptive to it. If you have considered becoming more organized and focused, this transit helps with that as well. You are establishing your boundaries before the next Full Moon in Aries.

Scorpio – During this time you are going to be more intuitive. Use the energies of this Full Moon to release if you feel stagnant regarding creative endeavors. You could surprise yourself by channeling dreams and emotions into art. If you are seeking romance, this can also be a great time to move on from any ties to a past relationship.

Sagittarius – Home becomes your biggest priority during this transit as you see themes from six months ago beginning to conclude. If you were considering purchasing a home, you could receive good news or be in the process of moving. This transit can also bring some changes to your work environment as well as you try to balance your work and home life.

Capricorn – One of the wonderful things this Full Moon will bring involves confidence in your expression. This transit will allow you to find your voice and brings opportunities to reconnect with friends and family. You are also going to be a lot more confident in making changes. This Pisces Moon will close many chapters and it is going to allow you to begin new and stronger ones.

Aquarius – Many of the changes you have endured this year have allowed you to have a new sense of admiration for yourself. This Full Moon in Pisces is your gateway to feeling more empowered and confident in you. Continue to step up and show those in positions of power what you are capable of.

Pisces – This transit awakens topics you had to deal with earlier in the year. You are beginning to understand the support you receive from others as well as from yourself. This is your time to feel a lot more confident and accomplished in your abilities. During this Full Moon, remember your own independence and strengths.

Tarotscopes From September 19th through September 25th

Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Aries – Another week with a powerful card. This week the Nine of Cups appears in your reading proving that this is your time to envision and make those dreams into a reality. Step into your power now if you are lacking confidence in yourself.

Taurus – As the King of Cups Reversed this week, you might not feel comfortable with your feelings or displaying them. If you are feeling blocked emotionally, find an outlet that will make you feel better. Speaking to someone you trust can make a major difference.

Gemini – Virgo Season has you ready to flourish emotionally so you can continue to feel empowered. The Nine of Pentacles shows just how far you have gotten thought perseverance. Now that we are closing into Libra Season, you will see how your heard work and efforts are paying off.

Cancer – This week presents a time of nostalgia and happiness with the Six of Cups. You may have the opportunity to reconnect with a friend from your childhood, or you might have periods of reflection about more happier times in your life. Use this as creative energy to get projects completed.

Leo Three of Swords Reversed shows you are here to do the work and you are not going to compromise this time around with relationships. You are learning a lot about what you want with Jupiter retrograde in your house of partnerships. Being cautious is a great step before diving into love.

Virgo – It is still your season, and the Ten of Pentacles shows just how fruitful this time is for you. Prepare for an energy filled with abundance and hope. This all reflects just how much trust you have within and how much you are willing to embrace changes. Keep your chin up and continue to prosper.

LibraTen of Cups is making a period of fruitful moments and successes. We are closer to your season, and you are feeling so much more confident this time around than last year. You have the power to manifest greatness and you seem to be right on track. If you aren’t feeling like you are there yet, continue to be patient and you will see results.

Scorpio – There is a lot you may feel like you are carrying with these transits but the Six of Pentacles in your reading shows you are able to help others and be there for them. Your generosity and loyalty to friends and family shows you are an anchor for those you love and care for. Continue to be there for them by lending an ear whenever you can or just encouraging them.

Sagittarius – You have so much to offer and should never feel like you are not doing enough. The Four of Cups Reversed is a reminder to tap into that confidence and energy. You might feel like you want to be more of a hermit, use that time to find your muse.

Capricorn – New initiatives and beginnings with the Page of Wands. Clear your mind and understand what drives you and what you need. This continues to be a transition period for you, so remember that changes can be good, and you should not be afraid of them.

Aquarius – With the Strength card in your reading, you are finally understanding the courage and power you hold within. Saturn continues to shape you and you are more receptive now to the lessons. Continue to fight and do not lose sight of your own successes. You have so much more to accomplish, and you’ll be successful at it.

PiscesEight of Wands Reversed in your reading shows there will be shifts and changes for you soon. A friendly reminder not to resist what is happening because you need to evolve and grow even if it feels uncomfortable. As Virgo Season ends, you are seeing how your relationship dynamics are progressing and you are understanding who is there for you and who isn’t.

Mars in Libra: Diplomat In Armor

Mars enters Libra on the 14th of September and will remain in this sign until October 30th. Mars is in detriment in the sign of Libra, meaning it will not be as powerful in this sign. Nevertheless, the lessons are still there to be learned. Mars in Aries is a go-getter and not afraid, which can lead to many impulsive and hot-headed decision-making in the long run. Mars in Libra on the other hand is passive and will weigh the options. We are currently experiencing Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, which can bring frustrating periods that can bring stagnation. So, this Mars transit allows us to find the best approach when we feel weakened or held back. Learn to compromise, but don’t let others take control. See all sides to a problem and do your best to find the solution with confidence.

Aries – During this transit expect to feel a little riled up as Mars opposes your sign. Close friends and partners might sense your annoyance. Use this time to be honest with the people you love. During this time, things can feel a little frustrating, but you will know how to navigate it with patience and diplomacy. Instead of starting conflict, channel that energy into doing something productive.

Taurus – Mars in Libra gets you focused and motivated to get things done. You can accomplish a lot now since the pressures from Saturn are cooling off for now. This is your time to create and refine some form of structure that will enable you to be more efficient during the Mars in Scorpio transit in a few months.

Gemini – There will be zero problems with letting others know where you stand during this transit since Mars makes you feel confident and prepared to show off to the world. One of the benefits of this period is you will be more popular and creative. If you’ve considered starting something new that shows your artistic side, this transit can prove to be beneficial.

Cancer – A reminder to cool off and be prepared for any surprises that Mars in Libra can bring your way. This can feel like a time of tension and chaos, but if you go with the flow and practice more patience, you can come out as the victor. You will have no problem staying one step ahead of everyone else.

Leo – If things have felt stagnant, this transit will have you moving. You can expect a lot of activity with Mars in Libra motivates you to be a little more social. Visiting friends, local shops or planning quick trips with family will keep you entertained and inspired. Reach out to friends that you haven’t talked to in a while.

Virgo – There is a drive to get things done and accomplish everything your heart desires during this transit. Mars in Libra gives you the edge to balance out work life and home life. You are going to be driven to impress and perhaps even find new methods to improve your savings. Balance is key during this time, so if you feel the urge to treat yourself, think it through.

Libra – Mars might make you feel more confident but expect to be irritated as well. This is your time to regain your control and redefine your goals. If you have felt in a slump, Mars gets you driven and will provide a clear vision of the path you would like to take regarding your education or career. Just make sure not to let your emotions get the best of you.

Scorpio – During this Mars transit, you could feel a wave of emotions, but you will have to learn how to release them in a way that is constructive. Mars in Libra can have you internalize your feelings to the point where you feel like a volcano. Find positive outlets that can relieve tensions and frustration, like art, music or whatever brings you joy.

Sagittarius – A fantastic time to do things with friends through social media. Connecting with others becomes a priority for you and this could mean just reaching out to those people you haven’t chatted with in a while. This period proves to be a fruitful time to make your plans into a reality. Find the courage to step outside the box.

Capricorn – Another great transit for you even if it can be challenging with the square to your sign. Mars in Libra inspires you and has other people take notice of your capabilities. During this transit, you can achieve a lot, but you can also create tension if you don’t find a balance at home and work. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you, because it could cause conflict with those around you. Instead, listen to people before reacting.

Aquarius – One of the positive transits that can allow you to envision where you would like to be with your future career or educational goals. If you are in school, Mars in this sign can have you focusing on the major you would like to declare. Books and art can become good sources of relaxation and comfort.

Pisces – During this time there could be some challenges since this transit will impact you on an emotional level. A good time to understand the habits that no longer serve you and let them go. Mars in Libra will teach you to find the courage within to face anything and be your own source of power.

Tarotscopes From September 12th through September 18th, 2021

Tarotscopes From September 12th through September 18th, 2021. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Aries – Things are shifting with the Ten of Cups in your reading for the week. Your hard work seems to be paying off as your dreams for happiness and stability seem to begin to manifest. Keep your sights on the prize and continue to think optimistically about the future.

Taurus – The Two of Pentacles appears in your reading for this week, showing you might have good financial opportunities presenting themselves. However, the issue here could be deciding on what projects to embark on and which to put on hold. Trust yourself, find balance and understand your limits.

Gemini – Ideas continue to pop up with the Ace of Cups and your mind is flourishing with more fruitful thoughts. Consider what you would like to truly work on and go for it. Virgo season gives you the patience, the planning techniques, and the focus you need to turn those dreams into a reality.

Cancer – A time of joy and good fortune with the Nine of Cups Reversed. The only one here who seems to be holding you back is you. Don’t be your own worst enemy and take pride in all you have accomplished. If you expected more successes, it’s all in the works, so be patient and stay centered.

Leo Four of Pentacles in your reading shows this is a good time to be more focused on finances since Virgo Season offers good methods of staying on top of perky debt and expenses. Don’t splurge, instead, try and find a good balance that can keep you confident with how you manage your funds. This is also a good period to protect your energy and keep those people who bring you down far away.

Virgo – With the Queen of Cups in your reading, you are ready to find love, joy, and happiness especially with the Full Moon coming up next week. You are filled with great emotions but are controlled. During this time, remember to tune into your creative energies to decompress and release some stress.

LibraTemperance Reversed appears in your reading for the week which is a sign to be patient and controlled. Virgo Season is currently providing you the tools to sit back and create new game plans if you feel out of sync.

Scorpio – Connecting to your intuition will be prominent this month as the Full Moon approaches. This Virgo Season, trust yourself, especially with the High Priestess Reversed. You can flourish if you achieve balance and confidence in yourself. Venus in your sign is giving you faith and energy, so change the mindset.

Sagittarius – You can create so much if you get yourself more focused with the Magician Reversed in your reading. Virgo Season gives you the initiative and the power to get what you want. Remember that if you feel doubts or are not confident, chances are, you need to shift your outlook and think more positively about your abilities.

Capricorn – Much confidence and power with the Queen of Swords in your reading for the week. This is your opportunity to show others where you stand and just how intelligent you are. During this month, you are going to stand in your power and will be focused on success. Get ready for the praise.

Aquarius – Lacking confidence during these times is normal, especially with Saturn in your sign. The Page of Pentacles Reversed shows your doubt but remember that you can push through anything and succeed easily. This is your time to shine, so remember to take things one day at a time.

Pisces – Much of the magic of this Virgo Season is in the focus we all have with building and perfecting. The Eight of Pentacles Reversed in your reading this week is a sign you are on the right track, but you need more faith in yourself and the work you have done. Trust the process.

Venus in Scorpio: Unbreakable Connection

Venus enters the sign of Scorpio on the 10th and this transit is going to remind us of the parts of ourselves that need to be transformed. While Venus in Libra formed partnerships, Venus in Scorpio ties them together. This is a time to make a romantic relationship go to the next level or intensify the bond. In Scorpio we are more understanding of our emotional depth. We see our limits, our fears and the intensity we have within. For career goals, this is a great time to get centered and focused on what you would like to accomplish next. Even with the square from Saturn and the opposition from Uranus, a lot can be accomplished and learned during this time.

Aries – Passion, romance, pretty much anything you can desire at this time with such a powerful transit. Venus in Scorpio will drive you to pursue what you want and use fruitful methods to get them. It is your time to discover what it is you desire and how you are planning to work for it

Taurus – Venus highlights your relationship house, and this transit can also make you feel glamorous and powerful. Unstoppable and ready to go, Venus here boosts your motivation especially, if you have endured the rough square from Saturn lately. Time to find yourself once more.

Gemini – If you have lost all drive and motivation, Venus in Scorpio serves as an inspiring transit that has you on top of your routines. This is a great moment to center and even treat yourself. You have a lot to offer and sometimes you need to be the one to pamper and give yourself that much-needed love when others can’t.

Cancer – A beneficial transit for you since Venus amps up your social life and puts into perspective your pending projects. As a water sign, this period will bring you joy and enthusiasm, allowing you to come into your power and go after what you want. It also helps that you have support from friends and family.

Leo – With such a demanding time with Saturn opposing your sign, this transit brings you much-needed grounding. You can relax with Venus in Scorpio, allowing you to rest and recharge those batteries. You are experiencing magic now with this transit. Use it for the best to retain your control and focus.

Virgo – We come back to basics with Venus in Scorpio, bringing more communication into your world. A lot of the focus of this transit is your need to explore and break away. Take things slowly, don’t be impulsive, and use this period to enhance your efficiency (not like that is going to be a problem for you).

Libra – Good fortune with Venus in Scorpio bringing you dynamic periods of healing and self-awareness. You are in such a powerful transition stage after the rough Capricorn transits from the last few years. This is your time to shine unapologetically and to give yourself compassion.

Scorpio – Venus is in your sign, and it is going to be a joyful time for you. Here you are going to learn the value of expression and your confidence levels will be through the roof. A great time to consider meeting new people and this does not necessarily mean on a romantic level. You can form collaborations in projects, meet business partners or make new friends at work or school.

Sagittarius – One of those good transits that can make you feel comfortable and peaceful. Venus in Scorpio is going to have you prepared and focus on the next month. Working diligently and on your own will be on your mind as you produce fruitful content. Remember to be kinder to yourself during this time.

Capricorn – The support from friends will be magnified during this transit as you step closer to center stage. You can have a lot of fun now and feel refreshed. Venus in Scorpio also allows you to dream bigger and focus on your future through smart planning and patience.

Aquarius – If you felt burnt out, this Venus transit can allow you to be grounded once again. The fast-paced and frustrating energy will come to a halt, if only briefly, as you take your time to rebuild and get back in the game. Venus in Scorpio allows you to radiate and take center stage for the next several weeks.

Pisces – Rejoice since Venus will be bringing you lots of memorable moments and plenty of opportunities to experience good romantic vibes. If you are single, this transit will allow you to meet new people and if you are in a relationship, the commitment will be stronger. As we are still in Virgo Season, you can expect to be more tuned into your partner’s emotions as well as yours.

New Moon in Virgo: Reflection

New Moon in Virgo September 6th is going to be a time of self-care and focus. A transit that will influence us for the next six months. We pick off from the Leo New Moon to discover ways to help us focus and prioritize ourselves with much more care. Putting our needs above can really make an impact during this transit, so if you feel you have been ignoring a rest day or a break from drama, this New Moon will push you to put things in perspective. The trine to Uranus going to add a level of excitement and surprises, so stay tuned for what unexpected movement this New Moon transit will bring everyone.

Aries – With this New Moon, you can get organized and motivated to pick up new and more efficient routines to get you to work harder and take care of yourself. The focus now will be on paying more attention to your needs. Rest, relax and prioritize your needs. It’s about time you put yourself first.

Taurus – Get ready for new opportunities to engage with others and getting those creative juices flowing. Rediscovering yourself will prove key and beneficial. You can see what you are capable of now. The surprises and shock from Uranus will allow you to make your dreams into a reality.

Gemini – A lot of your energy and focus will be in the home front. This transit allows you to practice some reflection and honesty. You are going to be more focused on bringing elements of comfort to your home this transit. A sense of harmony will uplift you and give you guidance during this time.  

Cancer – Connect with those you love. This transit is going to be friend focused and you may even meet some new and interesting people in the next several months. The New Moon in Virgo will also bring you inspiration, so if you have a creative project in the works, expect to meet a muse.

Leo – Much of the focus now will be on your financial goals and accomplishments. A lot of the shifts in your career path will come to focus, so make sure to stay several steps ahead. Expect a lot of unexpected surprises in the next six months regarding career and try to be mindful of expenses.

Virgo – Lots of activity with the New Moon in your sign. During this transit you will radiate and experience a sense of contentment. Virgo Season has you driven and ready to impress everyone with Mars already in your sign going full speed ahead. Appreciate your accomplishments and focus on where you see yourself in the next six months. Take pride of all your accomplishments.

Libra – Take it easy with this transit because you are going to enjoy being alone and reflecting for the next few weeks. Your social batteries will be recharged just in time since Libra Season begins later this month. This is a good period to treat yourself, relax and appreciate peace and tranquility.

Scorpio – More introspection with this transit as you work harder for what you want and will have a drive to excel in the career front. This time is about planning for the next six months. Connecting with close friends will bring you a sense of comfort, so reach out to those you miss.

Sagittarius – This is a transit that will have you pumped to make changes to your career or to finally make that blueprint for what comes next. You are in a transition phase where you might be considering a change and this transit can make you itch for something new. Make sure to plan and practice patience because the trine to Uranus can make you more willing to do something impulsive that you could regret.

Capricorn – While you might be fighting the urge to go away for a few days, this New Moon in Virgo is going to allow you to feel more grounded at home. The escape you desire can be through new hobbies or books that you are interested in. A great time to learn something new to keep you entertained.

Aquarius – With this transit, you are going to face the darker side of things, but Saturn has already provided some fundamental tools to face challenges and find methods to overcome. This New Moon will be an emotional one that will test your fortitude. Know that with Jupiter in your sign, you have the optimism and sense of hope to conquer.

Pisces – During this Moon, prepare to feel more fueled with creativity. You are going to be a lot more focused on romance and partnerships. Get prepared to see a lot of changes in your relationships for the next six months as this transit brings out the opportunity for growth and self- acceptance.

Horoscopes From September 5th through September 11th, 2021

Horoscopes From September 5th through September 11th, 2021. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign.

Aries – Get ready to receive praise with the Six of Wands in your reading since your hard work is being noticed and acknowledged. This upcoming New Moon this week fuels your motivation and making you more career focused. Expect recognition from bosses or professors.

Taurus – Continue to radiate and trust your potential with the Star Reversed in your reading. You are successful and on top of your game, all you need is to believe it.

Gemini Five of Cups Reversed shows you need to close those chapters and start fresh. It’s not worth clinging to the past. Use the New Moon to appreciate where you are in the moment and visualize the road ahead.

Cancer –With the Eight of Cups in your reading this week, you are ready to move on from a relationship. This could be a close friend who no longer is there for you. The New Moon is bringing us  all changes and new people into our lives.

Leo – Lots of changes on the horizon with The Tower. This will be a powerful shift, but one that is going to have us all focusing on cultivating better habits. Be more wary of the areas in your life where you can be too indulgent. Practicality will be beneficial for you this month especially with finances; don’t overspend.

Virgo – Mars is already in your sign, so try not to be too impulsive with the Knight of Swords in your reading. Patience is a virtue with this New Moon transit in your sign happening tomorrow. Go slow and analyze before taking the dive.

Libra – Have faith in what you’ve cultivated and grown with the Seven of Pentacles Reversed. The New Moon tomorrow will give you the confidence to persist and continue perfecting your work and projects.

Scorpio Nine of Cups Reversed right before the New Moon is a hidden blessing. Much potential on the horizon with this week’s powerful transit. Raise your optimism levels higher to benefit from those wonderful things to come.

Sagittarius – You are opting to work on your own during this time and not seek the help from others. This New Moon will have you focused on your career path, so if you need help from others, don’t be afraid to ask with the Three of Pentacles Reversed in your reading. You have the potential to create greatness on your own, but a little help won’t hurt.

Capricorn – This New Moon transit is going to make you contemplate a lot of changes that you have been considering. The Hanged Man Reversed is a sign you need to go within, take your time, and weigh those options before diving into a decision.

Aquarius – As the Queen of Cups Reversed in your reading, look at it as guidance that this New Moon transit might make you feel extremely emotional, but you are able to understand that you can face anything if you give yourself love. Work through what you have internalized and give yourself some care.

PiscesPage of Swords in your reading this week and you are prepared to communicate anything that relates to your relationships that you feel needs to be changed. If you have been meaning to speak to your partner or friend, this week will give you the guidance to express yourself more confidently.

September Horoscopes: Restructuring

September 6th will bring a New Moon in Virgo which is going to be an excellent transit for Earth and Mutable signs, allowing for change, growth, and transformation. On September 10th Venus enters Scorpio which brings the intensity and vibrancy that is to be expected. Romantic relationships heat up during this transit, so avoid jealousy and other negative traits. Instead, show your love to your partner and do something fun together that shows them how much you appreciate them. Mars shifts signs on the 14th as it moves to Libra. Mars could make us want to partner up or focus on making some decisions we have avoided. Either way, this transit will keep us on our toes. September 20th we will experience the lovely Full Moon in Pisces and it can bring a lot of emotional moments but overall, it will be a lesson on moving on and healing. Finally, Libra season begins on the 22nd and on the 27th Mercury Retrograde begins. Expect to see those unexpected people from the past to show up again bringing surprises.

Aries – A great focus on restructuring thanks to the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th. Give yourself ample opportunity to recharge and prepare. This is a great time for meditation and a focus on self-care if you are feeling exhausted. Venus in Scorpio brings a lot of intensity on the 10th, so if you have a partner, consider this a great time to reconnect emotionally. Meeting someone during this transit will be intense and thrilling. An energetic time will be Mars in Libra on the 14th, a time where you need to make sure to keep calm and in control because you could feel drained or angry around others if things do not go as planned. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th will feel surreal for you, presenting some of the similar themes from the Jupiter in Pisces transit a month ago. Libra Season begins on the 22nd, so if you are single and ready to find a partner, the search begins. However, with Mercury going Retrograde on the 27th, you might get that pesky message from an ex.

Taurus – With the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th, you are going to focus on fun and excitement. Expect some much-needed entertainment in your life during this time. Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th. This will be a defining time for your relationships, especially when Uranus opposes Venus, adding some conflict with your partner. Try to be diplomatic and don’t act impulsively. Communication is key. once Mars enters Libra on the 14thexpect to put your planner to good use because you’ll be multitasking like a pro. Branch out and direct your energy towards perfecting and meeting deadlines. On the 20th, the Full Moon in Pisces will serve as a pleasant reminder that you have many people in your life that appreciate you. Connect with them, send a nice message, or start a Zoom call because they will be grateful for it. With the Sun entering Libra season, your priorities begin to center themselves around work and meeting deadlines. Take it easy during this time and don’t pressure yourself too much with decision making.

Gemini – Mercury ruled Moon in Virgo will be here on the 6th and your eyes will be on the prize with this transit. The next six months you are going to focus on dreaming big and making your dreams a reality. Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th, bringing positive energy to your connections, especially those at school and/or work. As Mars enters air sign Libra on the 14th, this will be another very encouraging transit for you, bringing some interesting times to your life and adding exciting people. You could fall in love if you are single or just meet other interesting people. If you are a creative, expect groundbreaking ideas to occupy your mind and you will have the energy to get them to become a reality. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th is yet another major transit for you this month! Another excellent period to set your sights on big things and to dream bigger. Career comes to focus now as you plan where you envision yourself going. Libra Season begins on the 22nd and this is your time to party or relax. You make the call because you deserve the optimistic flow that is coming your way.

Cancer – The New Moon on the 6th gets you prioritizing your sense of freedom. Friendships have a deeper meaning now during this month as you reconcile and catch up with those you have not seen in quite some time. Romantic encounters are possible once Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th. If you are in a relationship, you will have a good dynamic with your partner. Meeting someone new now could prove to be fascinating and you will be up for the ride. When Mars enters Libra on the 14th much of your focus will be on reclaiming a sense of balance. Things become rough with friends and superiors as you continue to strive and reclaim your independence. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 22nd is a period of healing and expansion. Use this day to treat yourself and be kind to you. The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd and Mercury goes Retrograde on the 27th. Again, watch what you say and be diplomatic because with Mars still in Libra, you might just let others know what’s on your mind, so be patient.

Leo – Things begin to feel real as Virgo Season picks up the pace beginning with the New Moon on the 6th. This period will be about introspection and a great reminder to put yourself first. Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th adding motivation and a desire to renovate your home. Put that artistry to use as you can spend some quality time painting, making music or focus on another hobby that brings you joy from home. On the 14th, Mars enters Libra which could cause a little drama between friends and family, so make sure to think before you speak. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th is going to have us all navigating emotional waters. Although it can feel very heavy, you’ll have the energy to handle anything and to overcome. When the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, expect to have a good time meeting and socializing with people. With Mercury going Retrograde on the 27th, you can expect to see friends from the past return.

Virgo – Lighting up your world will be the New Moon in your sign on the 6th. This is your time to reclaim your power. On the 10th, Venus will be in Scorpio, which will allow you to dive and research the things you are interested in. You can also have a great romantic transit with a partner since you will be more apt to express endearing words of love to them. Mars moves out of your sign on the 14th, shifting your focus on working harder to get what you want. A powerful transit will be the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th, bringing you closer to your partner. If you are single, it will be a time to reflect on what you want and desire in future relationships. The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, filling you with more introspection connected to relationships for the next month. Finding the right one becomes a quest for you now and until 2022.

Libra – This month will great for you since many planets are moving into your sign. Things kick off with the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th allowing you to go within, take a break and reflect calmly. Venus enters dynamic Scorpio on the 10th, and you are going to appreciate yourself and everything you do. A great period to boost your self confidence and show yourself some love. Mars will be in your sign beginning on the 14th, so more of that bad ass energy headed your way. Just remember to not get too hot headed during this month-long transit and to keep being diplomatic. With this Full Moon in Pisces on the 22nd, you are here to be seen and those in charge will take notice of the hard work you have done throughout the year. Appreciate the accolades you receive during this time. The Sun finally enters your sign on the 22nd, Happy Birthday! You are going to have a magnificent season, since Saturn will be in a trine with your sign and not a Square this time around. You are going to channel this energy into making great work and focusing on self-care. Mercury is going retrograde on the 27th, so you can just expect to see people from the past trying to connect with you. Have fun!

Scorpio – One of the major themes this month for you will be your friendships and romantic connections. The New Moon in Virgo on the 6th is going to boost your social calendar and make you appreciate those reliable friends. When Venus enters your sign on the 10th, you are going to feel a lot more in your element after the squares from Leo season in August. Expect your confidence to go up during this time. Keep your eyes on the prize. Mars is entering the sign of Libra on the 14th. During this time, you may feel like a volcano, on the verge of exploding. Make sure to channel that energy into constructive things that can help you relieve stress. Art, music, or meditating can help. The Full Moon in Pisces will join us on the 20th, a time where you are able to let loose, show your creative side and relish in the fun and joy this transit will bring you. Romance comes to mind, so you could feel more amorous towards a current or potential partner. Libra Season begins on the 22nd and Mercury will be retrograde on the 27th. During Libra Season, focus more on yourself and rest up because your season is coming through soon.

Sagittarius – One of the most important transits for you this month will be the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th because it can change your relationship with your career and goals. For the next six months, you are going to have time to be introspective about where you see yourself and this transit is the catalyst. Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th, and you could benefit from reading, writing or just expressing your artistic side from the comfort of your home. This transit can fuel your creativity, which can be useful if you need a muse. Mars enters the sign of Libra on the 14th. A magical time where you can put yourself out there and meet new people. Another important transit is the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th which can bring a surreal moment of relaxation and healing all from the comfort of your home. The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd and Mercury goes Retrograde on the 27th. More opportunities to reconnect with people as this retrograde could bring back an ex-friend or lover.

Capricorn – Motivation will spark when the New Moon enters Virgo on the 6th. It will be a very inspirational time for you as it helps build upon plans you have had earlier in the year. Your ambitious nature is ignited. September 10th is when the Venus in Scorpio transit begins, and this will be pleasant for you since it could mean a more active social life. You could even meet someone new if you are single. Mars enters Libra on the 14th, and this is a hit or miss transit for Cardinals. You could feel motivated and engaged with work but might feel tension brewing. Try and be balanced since Libra is all about equilibrium. Channel that energy into creating successful moves and try to avoid conflict. On the 20th the Full Moon will be in Pisces, and this could mean you are going to have a lot to say. Expressing yourself now will be much easier and you could come across as understanding and more compassionate with others. Towards the end of the month, Libra Season begins on the 22nd and the Mercury Retrograde begins on the 27th. It will be a season where your focus is on your career path, so make the most of it and be wise.

Aquarius – With the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th, you are going to seek clarity and strength, but Jupiter is in your sign, so you will feel optimistic navigating this transit. Venus will be in Scorpio on the 10th, and it can be a promising transit filled with opportunities and personal successes. Just keep your eyes on the prize. On the 14th, Mars enters Libra, once more adding more energy and motivation. Mars is going to connect with the planets in your sign, which are Saturn and Jupiter. You are going to feel the dynamic energy the most and it can allow you to build more structure into your life once it connects with Saturn. The Full Moon in Pisces will be on the 20th, so start a new investment or savings routine. This is a time where you will be more focused on conserving and being analytical when it comes to expenses. A transit air signs are looking forward to is Libra Season which begins on the 22nd. Unfortunately, Mercury goes Retrograde on the 27th, but you are going to enjoy what Libra season has to offer a little too much to be concerned about the retrograde.

Pisces – September is a time where you are going to be a little more concerned with relationships with the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th pushing for much needed changes when it comes to your partnerships. Dynamics begin to shift for the next six months, and it brings you a sense of excitement. Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th, making you feel a lot more centered and beautiful. This is a great opportunity to meet people that will teach you something valuable. In an educational or work setting, you could finally meet that mentor that changes your life and helps you choose an excellent career path. With Mars moving out of Virgo and into Libra on the 14th, your focus now will move to understanding what you need from a partner on an emotional level. The Full Moon in your sign on the 20th is going to bring back memories from earlier in the year when the New Moon was in your sign. Reflect on how much you have grown since then and how to keep growing and learning. Virgo Season ends on the 22nd and Libra Season will begin on that same day followed by a Mercury Retrograde on the 27th. This Libra Season is a reminder to fight for what you want and to stay optimistic even when it feels tough.

Mercury in Libra: Methodical & Patient

Mercury will enter the sign of Libra on the 30th and will remain there until November 5th. This is the Mercury transit that will have Cardinal signs on their toes as they review and revisit topics relating to partnerships, so prepare to see that ex that you were over with (or trying to get over). The beneficial trine from Saturn is going to be a blessing, since it will give us clarity, mental focus and allow us to accomplish our goals. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun and moon.

Aries – With this transit you are going to be seeing people from the past that might cause a stir in your daily life. The best plan right now will be to focus on something you are passionate about and work to complete it. This will be the most efficient way to avoid drama with those who may want to push your buttons.

Taurus – Changing your routines will be major. While Mercury stays in Libra, you are going to focus on taking better care of yourself. Those bad habits you adapted throughout the year may finally stop, as you find new ways to improve yourself and health.

Gemini – As an air sign, this transit is going to make you feel more vibrant and there will be a need to connect with others. If you are in a relationship, this time will be fruitful and exciting for both you and your partner. Single Geminis will have ample opportunities to meet interesting people.

Cancer – A greater focus on making changes to your immediate environment. During this time, you are going to have the aptitude to impress those in command at work. While the responsibilities might feel like they are piling up, you know that you have the capacity to get tasks done with great efficiency.

Leo – Wonderful time to express yourself without any qualms or fear. Mercury makes your communication style more socially acceptable and diplomatic. During this time, you are going to be surrounded by many important people and you will manage to steal the spotlight in social events.

Virgo – This will be a great time to think more about being financially responsible. With the New Moon in your sign coming soon, you are going to be more confident with your self-worth as well. Trust and learn to understand just how amazing you are. Make sure to give yourself a lot more love.

Libra – Mercury in your sign is a great way to get others to notice you. As Libra season approaches you are going to be very much in every guest list and invited to all the great and interesting events. Mercury will also give you a nice edge this year thanks to the trine with Saturn, providing you with patience and a sense of accomplishment when you complete your pending duties and tasks.

Scorpio – A period of contemplation begins with this transit as it’s a sign right before yours. During this time, you are going to reflect and think of the past a lot more than the present. Make sure not to get too caught up with the memories you can’t change. Instead, utilize this time to meditate and find grounding.

Sagittarius – Prepare to socialize and get out there. Mercury in Libra makes you chattier and more communicative with those around you. Expect to hear from people from the past as well, especially during the retrograde period beginning on the 25th. You might be surprised to see who appears to say hello.

Capricorn – All eyes will be on you during this long transit, but you are going to be very much focused on what comes next. Expect to impress those in command as Mercury in Libra gives you an edge just when things feel out of your control. Your time in the spotlight will prove fruitful towards the beginning of November

Aquarius – A fruitful transit for you since Mercury is in a trine with your sign. A great time to impress those in command at work because Saturn has you focused and driven. Mercury will bring blessings and you will experience a sense of courage and achievement during this two-month period.

Pisces – Mercury in Libra brings the harsh realities back to the forefront. A very emotional transit.  However, with Jupiter in Aquarius, you can navigate even the darkest of times. This is your moment to connect with yourself and find inner balance. Your need to heal will allow you to face challenges with courage and a new sense of hope.

Tarotscopes From August 29th through September 4th, 2021

Tarotscopes From August 29th through September 4th, 2021. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign.

Aries – This week the Nine of Cups Reversed is part of your reading. A good sign that the tides will be changing in your favor soon as we enter September. You have plenty of reasons to be happy, but you look towards the negative. Change your perspective.

Taurus – Lots of creativity in store this week for you with the Knight of Swords. However, you can also become harsh with your speech. Be careful not to lash out at others and use your new inspiration wisely.

Gemini – The climb to the top won’t be easy but with the Star in your reading, you have a lot to look forward to this week. During this time, you can surely make dreams into a reality. Be patient.

Cancer –A new cycle begins this month upcoming month with the Ten of Swords in your reading. This is a time to let go, reflect and be mindful of the people in your life that care about you. These changes might seem harsh, but they are here to help you transform.

Leo – Beautiful card this week with The Sun Reversed appearing. Look towards the bright side of things and do not be afraid to dim your light now that we are in Virgo season. If you do not feel like yourself, recharge and get ready to feel brand new.

Virgo – Lots of movement in store for you with The Chariot. September begins this week, and you are going to feel that Virgo energy intensifying. This is your season so prepare for the unexpected and sit tight. Things will start looking up soon.

Libra – Never a dull time for you with the Six of Wands. You are feeling generous, and people are taking notice. This September will allow you to radiate as Venus continues to be in your sign for just a few more weeks. Stay sharp, stay humble and be diplomatic.

Scorpio –Everything around you has been changing and the Hanged Man Reversed in your reading for the week shows that you are still in deep analysis mode. Use this opportunity to be patient and observing, which is your forte. The answers you seek will be with you during this upcoming New Moon.

Sagittarius – Back to harmonizing with yourself as the Lovers Reversed appears in your reading. September is a month of triumph, changes and finding time to love yourself. Single Sagi’s, before entering a relationship, make sure you have healed because love can be on its way soon.

Capricorn – Your mind feels sharp, and you are bursting with new ideas as the Ace of Swords graces your reading for the week. Virgo Season has a lot in store for you and the burst of energy you feel now is going to keep electrifying you towards the end of the month. Jot those thoughts down.

Aquarius – As we slowly move towards September, Temperance Reversed appears in your reading to remind you to take things easy. This new month will allow you to recover from the harshness of the squares. Use this opportunity to get clarity and have fun with the people you love.

PiscesThree of Swords Reversed is your sign to go slow, take care and be vigilant during this September month. Relationship opportunities are beginning but you must heal from the hurts of the past first. A good time to look within to move ahead.