Tarotscopes – From April 26th through May 2nd

Tarotscopes – From April 26th through May 2nd Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign.

Aries – Pluto has just gone retrograde and you will be one of the signs to experience the transformation it will bring to you. Death in the Reverse is your card for the week. Release old notions, release the past and do not be afraid to start off new once again. You are an independent spirit that is not afraid of challenges, so keep going strong and do not look back.

Taurus – The Hierophant is your card for the week and it makes sense with Pluto going Retrograde. You are now reaching a form of spiritual enlightenment and this last New Moon would have pulled you to reach new heights and limits you did not know you were bound to uncover. This is a powerful and transformative week for you, learning about your wants and needs as well as your capabilities.

Gemini – The Knight of Pentacles comes into your reading for the week which ties with this Pluto in Capricorn Transit. How you save, budget and your overall planning schemes will be put n the test. Those lessons from the last three years of Saturn’s transit have given you the tools necessary to tackle this retrograde period.

Cancer – A time to bring the focus to your ego with the High Priestess in the Reverse showing up in this week’s reading for you. The power dynamics you have will be magnified with this Pluto Retrograde transit, igniting conflict and uncertainty with how you carry yourself in partnerships. Evaluate if your emotions and make decisions from a place of peace and harmony, not one that stems from conflict.

LeoThe Moon is in your reading this week, prompting you to let go of fears, confusion and bring things back to you. This Pluto Retrograde transit is still influencing your transformations, and this gives you a heightened intuition. Do not be afraid of it, trust it. There is still a lot of changes going on in your routines and now things might change more. Just take things one day at a time and tune in to your inner world.

Virgo – With the Nine of Pentacles this week, you are prompted to be vigilant of your finances. This Pluto Retrograde will make you consider your approach to finances and whether you’ll allow your impulses to take over. You have earned a lot through your hard work and although you might be tempted to treat yourself (Taurus Season, anyone?) you should still think of the best way to move your resources.

Libra – The Tower shows up in your reading. Pluto Retrograde is going to impact you and other Cardinal signs with a little more power this period. You are already handling the power and transformations in your inner world. Make sure to practice self-care and to ask for help if you feel emotionally destroyed. Trust in others can help you rebuild and come out of this stronger.

Scorpio – Taurus Season will be bringing surprises especially with the week the Full Moon is in your sign. The Queen of Pentacles is your card for the week, igniting a period of prosperity, joy and growth for you. Your work ethic will be highlighted during these transits and the Pluto Retrograde will make you sharper and more equipped to tackle challenges.

Sagittarius – There is a lot you want to take on and it might make you feel stressed about the quality that you are putting out there. Your card for the week is the Eight of Pentacles in the Reverse, prompting you not to second guess yourself, to keep going. Allow the transformations to take hold and let things go. This Pluto Retrograde might bring you some doubts about yourself and what you are capable of. Keep working hard and find the resilience within yourself during these times.

Capricorn – This Pluto Retrograde will bring you within and the Hermit in the Reverse shows that you might already be in that introspective phase. You need to find faith in yourself and the guiding light that is inside you in order to continue to tackle on any challenges. The road to getting there is not easy but the end results will be fantastic.

Aquarius – The Ten of Wands is your card for the week, asking you to take it easy. You are doing too much and with Saturn in your sign, you have felt the wave and burden of added responsibilities. Make sure to think about your needs and wellbeing, which is the Taurus Season mantra. This Pluto Retrograde might make you feel exhausted, but you’ve got this.

Pisces – We all need to relearn how to practice patience with everything going on in the world. You might be feeling the anxiety with Saturn in Sign of Aquarius making you feel unsettled. Your card for the week is Temperance in the Reverse, reminding you to relax, take it easy and go with the flow. These transits are temporary, pushing you and strengthening you. Pluto’s Retrograde will give you insight and power when dealing with challenges.

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